Sarah Russell discusses the Gender Pay Gap on the BBC


Sarah Russell ( has today been on the BBC News and BBC World talking about the gender pay gap. 

Several large companies have recently released their gender pay information, ahead of the compulsory deadline for the public and private sector in April.  Easyjet, Ladbrokes and Phase 8 all showed significant gender pay disparities.  Many companies attributed the difference to the fact that they have more men at a senior level, and more women in less senior, customer service-type roles. 

In Sarah’s experience the situation is considerably more complex, with women at senior levels typically being paid less than male colleagues.   Women actually now out-earn men on average in their twenties, but unfortunately the gap develops in a woman’s late 30s.  It is often connected to maternity, part-time worker and/or age discrimination.

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http://BBC News – Gender pay gap: More than 500 firms reveal their figures