COVID-19 Redundancies

Sadly many people will be made redundant in the coming weeks and months. This is an interesting article by the Telegraph about how to negotiate the best deal

We would add to this that the following are crucial:

1. Settlement agreements often contain a clause that says that your offer won’t be valid if you have received or are expecting an alternative offer of employment or a self-employed work. It is a good idea to get the agreement negotiated and signed off asap (even if the termination date is well into the future) so that you can safely commence your job search.

2. Many of our clients have restrictive covenants in their contracts of employment – clauses that will prevent you from working elsewhere in your industry. Clients sometimes assume that these are unenforceable or won’t be enforced and we often advise where this assumption has proven false. It is very important that you understand these restrictions and that they are removed or reduced via the settlement agreement.

3. Only speak to your immediate family about what is going on. Many settlement agreements contain retrospective confidentiality clauses that become a problem if people have spoken to friends or colleagues about problems at work.

4. Trust your gut. If you feel there is something not quite right about how you are being dealt with by your employer, you are probably right. Start taking notes of the conversations you have with them and seek legal advice at an early stage.

5. Instruct a good solicitor. You don’t have to come to us with a completed agreement. We can advise you on negotiation strategy behind the scenes, or conduct the negotiation for you. It’s what we do for a living, so we’re experienced at maximising the amount on offer whilst preserving your reputation.

Covid 19 Update

Fox Whitfield remains able to help both employees and employers with queries about Covid 19.

We have been assisting employees with settlement agreements and redundancy advice, and providing employers with furlough agreements and other help with staffing issues.

We have a nationwide client base whom we have been advising remotely for years. Covid 19 restrictions are no impediment to providing swift, affordable advice tailored to your situation. Please get in touch.

Are you exiting BT under the Early Leaver Scheme?

Sarah Russell of Fox Whitfield can help.

Are you exiting BT under the Early Leaver Scheme? Sarah has helped numerous BT employees.

Whether you are leaving genuinely voluntarily, or feel that you have been backed into a corner where taking redundancy is the only real option, Sarah can assist. She knows the BT settlement agreement well and knows which clauses they are likely to be prepared to negotiate on and which they are not. She provides prompt, practical advice.

Please contact Sarah on 07985 106 233 or

SR 150x150 Are you exiting BT under the Early Leaver Scheme?

Fox Whitfield Change of Address

From 30 December 2018 our new postal address will be:


Unit 10 Wealden Forest Park

Herne Common

Herne Bay




We will still operate in Manchester and will still have access to meeting rooms in our current Didsbury address but all post should be sent to our new address in Kent.

Sarah Russell discusses the Gender Pay Gap on the BBC


Sarah Russell ( has today been on the BBC News and BBC World talking about the gender pay gap. 

Several large companies have recently released their gender pay information, ahead of the compulsory deadline for the public and private sector in April.  Easyjet, Ladbrokes and Phase 8 all showed significant gender pay disparities.  Many companies attributed the difference to the fact that they have more men at a senior level, and more women in less senior, customer service-type roles. 

In Sarah’s experience the situation is considerably more complex, with women at senior levels typically being paid less than male colleagues.   Women actually now out-earn men on average in their twenties, but unfortunately the gap develops in a woman’s late 30s.  It is often connected to maternity, part-time worker and/or age discrimination.

 If you have concerns about these issues, please contact Sarah by email or mobile for a free, no obligation discussion.

http://BBC News – Gender pay gap: More than 500 firms reveal their figures