High Court Injunctions Faced by Employees

Employment Law Solicitors Fox Whitfield has just successfully advised a number of employees facing High Court Injunctions.

high court injunctions High Court Injunctions Faced by EmployeesA team of 15 employees were moving to a new employer when their ex-employer applied to the High Court for substantial damages against the key employees caused by the team move. They also applied for a High Court injunction to prevent them joining their new employer for a 12 month period. The case was listed for a 10 day trial before one of the Country’s leading employment judges.

After substantial work in a very short period of time employment law solicitors Fox Whitfield was able to settle the case without going to Court. The terms of settlement are confidential but Fox Whitfield was able to ensure the employees were freed from any injunction and able to join their new employer.

One employee said of Paul Whitfield:

The incredible amount of midnight oil that you burnt has meant that we can now get on with our jobs and lives… I don’t believe any other solicitor would have worked as hard as you“.

Paul Whitfield has extensive experience of advising employees and employers on injunctions and restrictive covenants. That experience and our dedication to providing the best possible service to our clients enabled this fantastic result to be achieved.

Getting legal advice at the earliest possible stage in these cases is essential. Please contact Paul Whitfield at paulw@foxwhitfield.com if you have any questions.